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Advantages of Self-sufficiency.

All human beings aspire to create a better environment in which they can live in. One begins by embracing the growth of seeds which is more economical as compared to buying all foods. There is a guarantee that the output is pleasant and in excess enabling one to have a better taste of good food. In cases where you get food in plentiful amounts, it is important that a person stores the excess for future uses.Another way of becoming self-sufficient is raising chicken which requires a lot of commitment and time to be dedicated in this.

Advantages of chicken rearing are that eggs and meat can be sold and profit gotten is useful. An individual can also collect rainwater by building a system that facilitates collection of water during rainy days and thus save money that would have been used to pay for the bill. Alternative energy sources are important sources of power in a home or working place. Amount of money spent on energy is reduced and hence low taxation.Biomass, fuel and geothermal can be alternative energy sources.Everyone is advised to major on the positive matters that matter in life rather than financials and power.

In the case of outside attacks that a country is prone to experience, the military of the country shows self-sufficiency by fighting and emerging victorious in the war. At adulthood, an individual who earns enough income to sustain a family to eradicate poverty is self-sufficient. Learning the technique of foregoing comforts in life for a better day the next day is a good step to take.

Unfortunately due to the increase in numbers of single mothers in the country, there can be hope for survival where the woman chooses to forgo comfort and utilize the little she has for the bringing up of her child or rather children. One can escape costs incurred to visit hospitals if they utilize a small portion of their home to plant herbs that are useful and good for the health garden in small amounts which after growth are dried and used for cure. Fruit trees planted in a homestead are of greater use as one can get many fruits without spending much and also make sales for those in excess.

Leftovers that are preserved after harvest season is over are of good use in the other season. Waste materials from cooking remains can be transformed into compost which is economical. Various techniques can be used as a form of getting food which includes knowing how to hunt and going to fish.Dairy products like ice cream and cheese can be made at home rather than buying.Bread does not necessarily need to be purchased as one may just bake one in their kitchen.