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The SaaS Application Portfolio Model; What You Should Know

Most of the organizations today are leveraging on the applications as a means through which data is entered and accessed. This has made the applications to be life and blood of data in the organization. The applications in the organizations are used for purposes such as the viewing, changing, creating and managing any kind of information needed for a particular needs or process in the business.

Most of these applications are usually delivered and availed to the organization on subscription bases. Most of these applications are also accessed using thin clients over the web browser. These applications are also hosted centrally. The term Software as a Service, SaaS is used for the purpose of referring to the use of the application models on subscription bases. Alternative term which may refer to the same meaning as the Software as a Service is the On-Demand software.

A few number of applications is what most of the organizations will begin with so that they can meet the data management goals. The needs of the organization then starts to grow as the time goes by which then makes hence reducing the abilities of such applications. The advancement in technology also contribute to the same. For this reason, most of the IT departments in most of the organizations then start to wind up as they try to manage the various numbers of applications increasing in the organization. What then occurs in most of the cases is the failure of such applications as they are not efficient in their management. The failure of the applications in use within the organization then occurs.

The application portfolio management, APM, is one of the ways which may be used for the purpose of managing the increasing numbers of application that are in use in the organization. One of the benefits of the application management portfolio is that agility to the department of IT in the organization will be increased while at the same time advancing the organization to higher levels modern levels in terms of technology. To the department of IT, increased proactiveness will be witnessed. Overall costs to the organization will be reduced.

There are a number of benefits which befalls by using the application portfolio management in the organization. This includes the resource management. The IT professionals in this case will be able to easily allocate the resources to the applications which are used in the organization and which that need more time and attention. There will be a reduction in the complexity to the application portfolio. The management of all the applications that are used in the organization will be managed in one dashboard with the application portfolio management. This is what then makes the process of managing such applications to be a seamless process.

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