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Tips for Effective Book Blurbs

It is very important for a book writer to invest in a good book blurb as that might be the deciding factor a for a customer taking out their money to make a purchase. If you are new to writing you are probably wondering what a blurb is. This is the copy at the back of the back of the cover that lets the potential reader in on what the book is about. A good blurb needs to taste like candy but to the eye, once the reader has been hooked , buying the book is a step away. A good blurb will help you secure publishers and agents too it’s not only limited to customers alone, it’s like casting a wide net. Most authors when looking for an agent will use a blurb, if the agent finds the blurb captivating then they will take the author under their wing.

Make no mistake crafting the ideal blurb might take some serious amount of effort, you might have to do it over and over again in different ways. Here are some tips that will help you come up with a winning blurb. You need to keep the blurb as short as possible at around one hundred to two hundred and fifty words but you need to make sure that you give a wholesome overview of the book. If your blurb does not have the spice then it will not be tasty , try best to capture the mood, the conflict and the scene. There are many angles that you can construct your blurb from , evaluate your work and determine which is bets to work with.

A good blurb will first give a hint about a conflict and develop mounting tension as it goes on such that the reader is left with a thirst to read more. Look at your story and how it stands out from others in the same line, take that and use it to the maximum while on the blog. Question marks in the blurb especially on the ending part will be very effective in creating curiosity and the yearning for more. Instead of using a lot of adverbs and adjectives try using more action verbs for the blurb. The blurb should be free of grammatical errors, it goes without saying but it’s very important because you could lose out big on basic errors. Write , rewrite and show it to different people for feedback ,the different feedback from people could inspire some creativity in you. Be truthful with your blog , exaggerating it will affect your work negatively.

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