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Merits of Video Interviews

It is much more easier, convenient and efficient when it comes to the process of interviewing candidates using digital interview methods as compared to the traditional way of conducting interviews. There is an increasing growth in the number of businesses and companies that use video interviews when it comes to interviewing their job candidates. Digital interview methods are highly beneficial than the old ways that were used to carry out the questioning process.

It is quite fast when conducting interviews with the use of digital interviews means as compared to using other ways of carrying out interviews. Video interviews also helps an interviewer to track the performance of the candidates from the interviews by watching the recorded footages of the conducted interviews. The other great benefit of conducting a video interview as compared to conducting the traditional interview is the fact that the video interview enables your interviews to be consistent. With the digital way of interviewing candidates you can make sure that all the candidates go through the same kind of interview process which makes it fair and easy to analyze. The other advantage of using video interviewing instead of the traditional way of conducting interviews on the job candidates is that you get to hire quality staff.

With the fact that the use of the video interviewing method gives you the ability to question all the candidates, you are better able to pick out the candidate that are much more suited for the position. Additionally the use of the video interviewing method allows the candidates to improve they’re engagement with the brand. With the traditional methods of interviewing the job applicants, many of the candidates never showed up for the interviews but it is much more different when video interview method is used. The other great advantage of using the video interview method as compared to the traditional way of conducting an interview is that with a video interview there is no time that is wasted interviewing unsuitable job applicants.

Video interviews save you the time and effort that you would spend scheduling for face-to-face interview sessions since you can interview the candidates through video at their own convenient time and from their own locations. The fact that the interviews conducted on job applicants through video are usually recorded makes it easier to watch the videos at a later time and carefully analyze the various responses from the candidates thereby making it easy to pick out the best candidates. One of the other advantages of conducting an interview process by the use of video interviewing as opposed to using the traditional methods of interviewing candidates is that video interviewing has no limitations when it comes to the regional barriers between the interviewer and the candidates. Due to the fact that a video interview can be conducted on distant candidates, it helps them to save time and money.
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