A Clown’s Life for Me

Being a professional clown is something that has its ups and downs. When I’m able to entertain people, make them laugh and smile, and give them a happy experience, I’m happy as well. Sometimes people are a bit afraid of clowns, either because they saw a scary movie about clowns, or they just don’t like the painted faces, and it makes me sad. It can also affect my business sometimes. I had some business cards printed at https://www.123print.co.uk/business-cards to promote my clown act and help me get more bookings. People usually use me for kids birthday parties, but sometimes I get adult requests too.

In a way, it’s both easy and hard to entertain a kid. Usually all I have to do to entertain most of them is just blow some balloon animals, do a little juggling, and toss in a bit of slap stick. For the ones that are a bit afraid of me, I try to give them a little gift that will help them warm up to me. They can be a bit energetic, but it’s all part of the fun. I give my business cards to people just in case they need to call me again for another job, or for them to pass on to other parents who may need a clown for a party.

The adults are a bit harder to please, because they don’t respond to the same kind of humor as a kid would. I have to change up my routine a little bit by adding a little more adult humor. This can be things like making jokes with more adult topics, making balloon into things beyond the typical animals, or getting the adults to hit me with a pie, which can be quite messy. I had out business cards to them just like I do the parents.