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Your Rack Mount USB Guide

USB cables are what many people are using in their day to day activities these days. Keeping all their devices connected is the preserve of all. One way of doing so is by using the rack mount USB hub. Never the less, it is essential to learn more things about this product before you buy it. Here is an in-depth insight of the rack mount USB hub.

Ask yourself whether this product is suitable to you before you acquire it. It is important to decipher that this product is suitable to everyone who wants to increase available amount of USB connecting ports. If you rely on a laptop that has no more than two connecting port the rack mount USB hub is therefore, ideal to you. Other than that it is ideal to anyone who uses a desktop. It is common knowledge to desktop users that the connecting places can be placed in areas that are difficult to reach. Furthermore, this product is ideal to anyone who wants to upgrade from the 2.0 USB hub.

The other thing you need to look at is the compatibility. The compatibility is usually ignored by several people when acquiring the rack mount USB hub. Ignoring the compatibility can be costly in the long run. Before you make a purchase you therefore have to consider the compatibility of the USB gear. You will be pleased to learn that this product is compatible with almost any operating system. Other than the windows operating system, the rack mount USB hub is also compatible with android. Apart from that, rack mount USB hub can be used by devices that have Linux and mac operating system. Every windows series is compatible with this product.

Another thing you need to know about this product is the specification and features. This product can be used for syncing and charging at the same time through the type-A ports. Due to the rigid and rack mountable covering you can place this product on the wall or on a DIN-rail. Rack mount brackets as well as DIN-rail mounting clips will be provided for mounting. The dimensions of this product are 12.5 inches by 1.74 inches. Apart from that, it provides two selectable upstream and 16 downstream USB 3.0 facing ports. It also has USB screw-lock capabilities.

The last thing you are supposed to know regarding this product is the environmental considerations together with the contents of the package. The operating temperature for this product ranges between 0 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, while the operating humidity is 5-95{85597e315f54b24a8b57564ac0459c68715ee5ba9856964ae2e12a175f3c4998} RH.

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